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Combining years of experience in the emergency boarding and property security industry, AES are proud to offer bespoke hoarding solutions. Available in temporary or permanent options, hoarding will protect your business from attack, deter intruders or increase the level of safety on work sites.

A temporary hoarding can be constructed by trained engineers in response to a variety of specific threats. Demonstrations, carnivals and public outdoor events will usually pass peacefully but can all raise the risk of vandalism, unsociable behaviour and graffiti. AES are able to respond within the shortest of time frames, installing hoarding, then removing again when the threat has passed.

A stand alone temporary hoarding can also be created for business refurbishments and major shop front replacement projects taking place over a short term period. These hoardings are often required to conceal building works and increase site safety and security.

For businesses closing down for extended periods, have been fire damaged or are awaiting demolition, a more durable, permanent hoarding will be required. These are generally constructed of thicker, more robust, weatherproof materials depending on location and application.

All types of hoarding can easily incorporate openings, doors or gates and be finished with any choice of colour.

  • Demonstrations, carnivals and public outdoor events
  • Large or small projects undertaken
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Openings, doorways or gated
  • Available at short notice
  • Corporate colour schemes
  • All work guaranteed